Could people please stop being so attractive?

I like seeing nice anons in my ask. It makes me smile like an idiot.

Anonymous : You're my favourite person ever.

You’re my favourite anon ever.


Just your typical RT blog →

Just a quick shameless reminder that I have a side blog purely for all RT/AH goodness. You love it <3

So uh, I&#8217;m so excited for #RWBYatLoop that I made a gif just to show how excited I am.

So uh, I’m so excited for #RWBYatLoop that I made a gif just to show how excited I am.

The stupidest thing you can possibly say on Tumblr…




… is “Does the Supernatural fandom have a gif for THAT?” because all you wind up with is a gif and shame.


oh my god seriously

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The One Where Matthew & Matt Do A Awkward Hug Over A Lame Cool Guy Handshake

J-man and Channy

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fuck I have seen this post on my dash at least 4 times today and it took me until just now to realize it was spongebob?? I wasnt reading the text before, and it took me a further 30 seconds to realize that was mr krabbs

This art is so good but spongebob human designs make me feel so strange like I am looking at this and Eugene Krabs is hot and Im not sure if thats something Im willing to accept

squidwards looks kinda like squidward tho?

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Let me just be straight up and say that this is the tightest shit my ears have ever had the pleasure to experience.


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Some of you may remember the post I made about selling my house. I wrote it to update some close friends and my followers about my life, so they understood why I wasn’t on Tumblr as much as I used to be. I’ve had a bit of a shocking week this week, so I though I’d write about it and make an update.

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Anonymous : 12 and 17

12. ideas of a perfect date

Oh gosh, I didn’t think this through. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about what a perfect date to me would be…

See, I can be quite pleased with dinner, a movie, or just lazing about on the couch watching TV. 

I also don’t really date… People don’t like me.


17. a fact about my life

I went to a private school and we were pretty much required to learn an instrument. I wanted to learn the clarinet, because I hoped to play the saxophone in the future. I then realised that I had braces and it made it hard to blow (heh) and so I chose the violin. I played it for two years and from the very first day to the very last day of playing it, I never learnt how to read music. Also, I promised my dad that I’d learn The Devil Went Down to Georgia, I didn’t; I could only play Yankee Doodle and My Heart Will Go On. Not well.



Why aren’t we talking about Dylan sprouse have you SEEN his tweets?






we could have had a singing career.

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1. the meaning behind my url
2. a picture of me
3. tattoos i have
4. last time i cried and why
5. piercings i have
6. favorite band
7. biggest turn off(s)
8. top 5 (insert subject)
9. tattoos i want
10. biggest turn on(s)
11. age
12. ideas of a perfect date
13. life goal(s)
14. piercings i want
15. relationship status
16. favorite movie
17. a fact about my life
18. phobia
19. middle name
20. anything you want to ask

hello! please do these 0:-)

Doooo it.

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